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Electronics Products

With the convergence of voice and data, operators are challenged with supplying their customers with quality of service (QoS), which necessitate the ever-expansion and upgrade of the outside plant networks.

TIS Electronics is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing electronic components into the commercial and military vehicle industries. Products include special wire and cable, heat shrink tubing, one-step solder divides and crimp splices. The added value of this division is through harness design, manufacturing of proto-types and kitting.




Cable accessories for unpressurised, pressurised and fibre optic networks


The Tyco Electronics Raychem brand of heat-shrinkable polymer products is recognised worldwide and has a track record of performance, reliability, innovation and superior quality.

Tyco Electronics are the recognised world leader in heat-shrinkable polymer technology, boasting the largest range of heat-shrinkable tubing, that provide cable protection with exceptional insulation, mechanical protection and strain relief.

The added value is a highly experienced technical team, which provides customised harness design supported by Tyco’s pioneering software package, HarnWare.

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