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We deliver well-engineered solutions supported by on-time delivery and outstanding customer service.

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TIS Telecom delivers well-engineered solutions supported by on-time delivery and outstanding customer service. TIS capabilities are comprised of an array of solutions, such as optic fibre and copper cable splicing, fibre terminations, automated distribution frames for broadband networks, test access matrixes and enclosures for active electronics.

TIS Telecom Solutions offers a range of testing, commissioning and monitoring solutions that cover optic fibre cable networks and active equipment. This includes optic fibre cable splicing, testing, equipment & network commissioning & monitoring while also providing First Line Maintenance (FLM).

TIS offers a complete and full 10 Gig compliant test that consist of Optical Domain Reflectometer (OTDR), Bi-directional OTDR, Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS), Chromatic Dispersion (CD) and Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) testing.



Cable accessories for unpressurised, pressurised and fibre optic networks


A Digital Optical Network redefines optical transport by providing the capacity of WDM with the traffic management flexibility and engineering simplicity of digital transport systems; and the network cost savings of large-scale photonic integration. This provides flexible access to the underlying digital data at any node, for the purpose of add/drop, bandwidth management, performance monitoring, or other value-added services.

In addition to the above, TIS offers the following advantages as a provider of Telecom Projects and Solutions:

  • TIS uses proven material and spares management principles to ensure timely delivery to the customer’s site 17
  • TIS’ affiliation with Powertech provides access to a wide range of products and expertise, which translates into cost effective, on time, top quality and state of the art projects for customers
  • Through collaboration with clients, TIS ensures risks are managed throughout the project phase and the operations phase
  • Strict scope change control methodologies ensure that clients are in control of any scope creep on a project
  • TIS is constantly researching the latest technologies to ensure clients are provided with up to date information and solutions
  • Altron received the Platinum Award (AAA) for corporate Governance; as part of the Powertech group, TIS is held to the same standard. Corporate governance and policy dictate that proper project plans are developed before projects are executed. This requires that a customer-needs analysis is done to ensure that the customer gets what you pay for
  • TIS staff have exceptional organisation abilities to ensure all logistics are in place for successful project execution
  • Due to the nature of the telecommunication industry, TIS understands that outage time is critical. TIS aims to reduce customer outages
  • TIS aims for the shortest project completion times through exceptional planning and scheduling abilities
  • By ensuring projects are managed and constructed in the most efficient way possible and controlling costs in all areas of the project, costs of infrastructure projects are reduced

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